Powering your Internal Marketplace

StokenX technology platform has been specifically designed for regulated financial institutions. It provides the required technology to power the seamless trading of security tokens for its clients through an Internal Marketplace (IM) – all in a secured, fully-regulated environment.

Global liquidity pool

StokenX aims to develop a global liquidity pool for security tokens

  • Based on a network of Internal Marketplaces established by Regulated Financial Institutions (RFIs)
  • In order to leverage the current infrastructure and processes of RFIs
  • Allowing to efficiently comply with all domestic security regulations


White label solution

Easy to rebrand and have similar look and feel of regulated financial institution platform

Seamless integration

Integrates with core banking systems and crypto solutions and offers automatic crypto / fiat settlement

Simple and intuitive

Built as an easy-to-use platform for investors; buy/sell with a click and easily access past transactions

Trusted platform

Tokenized assets can be traded in a secured, trusted environment fully in compliance with regulations

Example: Buying a security token using Ethereum blockchain

  • Due diligence and whitelisting: Bank performs due diligence on security tokens and lists them on exchange. It also whitelists eligible investors.

  • Order match: Client A enters a sell order for 100 ST at 50 CHF. Client B enters a buy order for 100 ST at 50 CHF. StokenX platform matches the order.

  • Transaction order: Upon match, StokenX platform automatically generates a transfer transaction from seller’s ETH account to an ETH escrow account and to the digital asset custody.

  • Broadcast and execution: Once all conditions are verified and bank has signed the transaction, the transaction is broadcasted to the network. Upon execution, the security tokens from seller are transferred to the ETH escrow account.

  • Fiat transfer: Execution of transaction triggers the Fiat transfer from the buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account (via core banking system).

  • ST transfer: Once the seller’s FIAT account has been credited, the ST is deposited from ETH escrow account into buyer’s ETH account.

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