About StokenX

Despite the continuous growth of blockchain/DLT technology in the financial markets and its future potential, there are limited market structures providing liquidity for the trading of security tokens – and these are primarily focused on a single jurisdiction.

StokenX was born out of a desire to provide a solution to this problem. Tokenization of assets alone will not solve the liquidity issue. A global market structure, fully in compliance with local security laws and regulations, needs to be developed.

We are partnering with regulated financial institutions to power this liquidity, creating a global liquidity pool for security tokens. Our StokenX technology offering, an open-source platform agnostic to banking systems, blockchains, or custody providers, provides regulated financial institutions with the opportunity to offer their clients a security token trading platform – all-in a secured, fully-regulated environment.

StokenX is based in Switzerland. It was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of Alpine Tech, a pioneer in crypto mining and trusted specialist for computing power delivery, optimization and monetization.



Powering liquidity of security tokens through financial institutions



StokenX is partnering with regulated financial institutions to power the liquidity of security tokens. Our mission is to democratize the trading of digital security tokens across geographies, ensuring 100% compliance with local regulations.



Our team brings together decades of experience across the banking and financial services industries and has deep expertise in distributed ledger technology. Our team has worked at leading institutions such as: Orbium,Diginex, Atos and ABB.

Meet our team

Charles Azanlekor

Chief Technology Officer

Frédéric Juillard

Chief Operating Officer

Tilman Schneider

Cloud Architect

Marco Crescoli

UI/UX Designer

Julien Chapuis

Legal Council

Laurent Bruchez -

Advisor (Capital Markets, DLT)

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