• Blockchain/DLT has changed the world

    Investors are seeking crypto assets

  • Seize the opportunity

    Over USD 500 trillion of private assets could be tokenized

  • StokenX – your new crypto technology partner

    Enabling trading of security tokens in your own banking infrastructure

Powering liquidity of security tokens through financial institutions

Our solution

StokenX technology platform has been specifically designed for regulated financial institutions. It provides the required technology to power the seamless trading of security tokens for its clients – all in a secured, fully-regulated environment.

StokenX technology platform is an open-source solution, agnostic to banking systems, blockchains, or custody providers.

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White label solution

Easy to rebrand and have similar look and feel of regulated financial institution platform

Seamless integration

Integrates with core banking systems and crypto solutions and offers automatic crypto / fiat settlement

Simple and intuitive

Built as an easy-to-use platform for investors; buy/sell with a click and easily access past transactions

Trusted platform

Tokenized assets can be traded in a secured, trusted environment fully in compliance with regulations

Partner with us

StokenX is partnering with regulated financial institutions to power the liquidity of security tokens. Our mission is to democratize the trading of digital security tokens across geographies, ensuring 100% compliance with local regulations. Key benefits of partnering with us:

  • Build new business models and services, increasing your revenue streams
  • Gain new clients, by attracting digital asset investors
  • Become a leader in digital asset security exchanges
  • Enhance the Blockchain ecosystem, supporting decentralization of security token trading in a fully compliant manner
  • Discover new opportunities to help your local economic landscape e.g., new funding for SMEs, finance projects

Powering liquidity of security tokens through financial institutions

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